Mahjong Pantheon

Pantheon 2018.11 update

Since last update, Pantheon has moved to rolling release model. This means no new versions will be released, but Pantheon master branch is stable enough to be used at production servers as is.

As always, we appreciate useful feedback of our beta testers. Major changes by the date include internationalization of all subsystems, predefined seating, aggregated events and games cancellation.

  • [bug] Riichi bet is not counted in “riichi bets won” statistic (in case of double ron) (issue)
  • [bug] Best hand is calculated incorrectly in case of double ron (issue)
  • [bug] Do not change yellow zone to red in case of chombo (issue)
  • Rheda language selector (issue)
  • Rheda internationalization (issue)
  • Tyr internationalization (issue)
  • Deutsch translation (issue)
  • [bug] Achievements page can be viewed by non-authorized user (issue)
  • [bug] Wrong order of players in graphs (issue)
  • Reset assets cache on update in Rheda (issue)
  • Manual predefined seating for whole tournament (issue)
  • [bug] “Randomize winds” checkbox is not working in predefined seating (issue)
  • Support PHP 7.1 (issue)
  • [online][bug] gives all riichi bets by atamahane in case of double ron (issue)
  • [online][bug] gives honba by atamahane in case of double ron (issue)
  • [online][bug] Error while adding game log from (issue)
  • [online][bug] Error 500 when adding game log from (issue)
  • Aggregated events (issue)
  • Different display of players who played a required minimum of games in season (issue)
  • Table rules overview page (issue)
  • Games cancellation ability (issue)
  • [bug] Dealer can choose renhou in yaku list (issue)
  • [bug] Open hand can be selected when renhou is already selected (issue)
  • … and about 10 more technical bugs have been fixes too.